Google recently introduced a new shopping feature that is powered by the extensive Google Shopping Graph, a comprehensive dataset of global shopping information. In addition to this, Google has made several updates to its Chrome browser, making it more shopping-oriented.

Back in the late 1990s, web portals were all the rage, with AOL being a prime example. However, they gradually fell out of favor as Google introduced its simple search box, doing away with the clutter typical of web portals at that time.
While Google doesn’t explicitly label it as a shopping portal, their new search feature aligns with the concept. It aggregates shopping information from across the internet, making it easily navigable for users.

Google has also revamped Chrome for both mobile and desktop, transforming them into more shopping-centric web browsers. Among the noteworthy features are the ability to bookmark products to a shopping list folder, and the introduction of “price insights” on the desktop version of Chrome.

Google cites that eight out of ten shoppers are concerned about finding the best deals on holiday gifts. The objective of these new features is to offer users a broader range of deals on the products they seek.

Here are some of the new features that Google is rolling out:

  • Search Enhancements Powered by the Google Shopping Graph
  • A New Deals Page on Google Search
  • New Features on Chrome for Discovering Discounts Across the Web
  • A New Price Insights Tab in the Desktop Version of Chrome
  • Additional Tools for Tracking Prices Across Different Merchants for the Same Products

New Google Search Deals Destination

To access this new shopping feature, users can search for “Shop Deals,” which leads them to a fresh search destination tailored for shopping deals. This destination resembles a portal and enables users to find the best prices on products across ten categories. These deals encompass markdowns, sales, and promotions in categories such as electronics, apparel, home and garden, toys, sports, health and beauty, travel, baby products, and pet supplies.

The Shop Deals page is structured as follows:

  • A navigational menu offering access to ten shopping categories.
  • A carousel of deals provided by specific stores.
  • A listing of specific deals organized by more specific shopping subcategories.

Users can click on “More categories” to discover additional shopping options. The carousel of deals is personalized based on the user’s preferences, and it highlights popular stores with deals on the user’s preferred products.

New Shopping Features on Chrome Mobile & Desktop

Opening a new tab on Chrome will display deals on products users have recently shopped for, thanks to the “resume browsing” card. Additionally, a new “Discount tag icon” in the Chrome address bar informs users of available coupon codes on the shopping sites they visit. Merchants can manage where these coupon codes appear through their Merchant Center settings.

Shopping Insights Feature

Google is introducing the Chrome Shopping Insights feature to the desktop version. When available on a shopping site, a “Shopping insights” label appears in the Chrome address bar. Clicking on it opens a side panel with a new section displaying typical prices, a price history graph over the last 90 days, and an option to track price drops from various ecommerce stores offering the same product.
Google’s Price Insights support page explains this feature in detail, outlining how it assesses a product’s typical price and price changes based on data from sellers across the web, not just from Google Shopping.

Shopping Bell for Discount Notifications

In mobile Chrome, a shopping bell icon now appears next to product names. This icon sends price alerts to users if the price of a product drops on any retailer’s site, not just the retailer currently being browsed.

Key Takeaway

Google’s core mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. In a world where eight out of ten consumers are concerned about the prices of holiday gifts, these new shopping features align perfectly with that mission. While some merchants may have reservations about Google directing their shoppers to other retailers, it underscores the importance of building strong relationships and trust with consumers so that they prefer to shop with a trusted merchant.