Are you a small business owner? Want to optimize your business locally? The simple hack is creating Google Business Listing. However, creating a business profile is simply not enough. Well, you need to strategically input the management skills and editing techniques to make the local SEO efforts more effective!

So, how to gain management over GBP? Apart from creating a free business profile, you need to separately create a few Google My Business account!

This beginner guide provides end-to-end instruction of the GBP technique. So, business owners read the full blog and scale up your local business.

What is Google business profile?

Google Business Profile is a powerful SEO tool that enables you to manage and optimize your business profile on Google. Well, it is one of many important business directory listings.

To put it simply, business profiles appear in Google Maps and in local results of Google searches. By logging in to your business profile you can manage the details of your business. Creating a business profile is the same as adding a place to Google Maps. You will need a business name, location, and category. Once Google confirm the authentication they will create a business profile at that location.

Google Business profile is probably one of the best local SEO strategies that an eligible local business can use to improve its SERP. Well, claiming Google Business Profile is the primary step you should optimize, check, and update with new information for potential customers.

In addition, many businesses do not realize Google can make changes to the GBP – including address changes, updating business hours, and uploading photos and reviews.

Therefore, a Google Business Profile is a community profile – anyone can contribute to your Google Business Profile. In fact, Google encourages user-generated content including photos, videos, and reviews.

To improve your business reputation and increase local reach it is crucial to check your Google Business Profile to ensure there are no incorrect changes made to your profile. Also, keep an eye on Google Business Profile Updates 2024.

How do set up a Google business profile?

You can establish a Google My Business profile from your Smartphone. This tool helps you to enhance business visibility and boost effectiveness. Type ‘Google My Business’ on the search bar add your business details and wait for authentication. It only takes a few minutes to approve the profile.

Here’s how to use GBP for local marketing:

Engage with consumers

You will get various ways to interact with your customers from your business profile. You can also respond to reviews, enable direct messages, and set up alerts. In fact, you can also upload public posts just like social media platforms.

Highlight your business

A business profile does not show all the information your potential customers would look for! Using the GMB dashboard you can provide links to your website, product, pricing, attributes, and other details based on your unique business need. You can also use it to make edits and updates.

Improve insight

It is a great way to gain key insight into your audience and local search performance. You can find out the customer queries and a breakdown of the actions taken on the listing.

To make the most of the Google Business profile it is crucial to incorporate relevant keywords into the profile. However, make sure to incorporate them naturally as a part of a smart SEO strategy!

Why Google’s guideline is crucial?

If you have a Google Business profile you are playing on Google Playground! Hence, you need to follow the guidelines – otherwise, your profile will be suspended! You should also keep in mind that your competitor’s business profile would also qualify for GBP.

It is ideal to check the guidelines thoroughly once every three to four months. This will help you to make sure there are no changes to the guidelines that could impact your business profile. A small mistake can result in your business suspension. Hence, it is better to be informed of the rules.

How to manage a Google Business profile?

Use Google Business Profile Manager

If you are managing a multi-location business or you are an agency that manages multiple client locations – it is ideal to log in to the GBP manager dashboard.

With GBP Manager, you can easily manage multiple profiles in one dashboard. In fact, you can also manage multiple locations from Google Maps on your Smartphone.

Manage GBP directly from the search

In case, your business is in only one location – it is easy to manage GBP from the place. Apart from using your computer all day long – you can also manage it from Google Maps on your smartphone.

Wondering how to manage your profile from Search?

If you are logged in with your Gmail address – type in your business name in the search bar and your business profile and GBP merchant panel will appear.

You can also type ‘my business’ on the Google search bar and the merchant panel will show up. For a quick update, you can also manage your GBP listing on the Google Map application. In that case, you have to manage your business profile click on your picture, and click your business profile.

You will get the GBP merchant panel that would look almost identical to the desktop version. Tap on the ‘more’ or ‘less’ arrow to expand the options available to you!

Remember that the options you get in the merchant panel are category-specific – you can also find other features available.

If you manage multiple GBP – you can find these profiles by simply clicking on the top areas and getting the details of how to manage those profiles. It will open a list of all the GBPs you manage.

How to Optimize your Google Business Profile?

Have a look at the few things you can practice to optimize your Google Business Profile.

To start with, first, go to ‘Edit Profile to edit the main company information. Here, you can add and change information like category, description, opening date, hour, and more. Here, you should strictly follow the Google guidelines.

Target information

It is very crucial to include relevant keywords in your business profile if you want to improve SERP. Also replies to customer reviews and regular posting help in boosting your Google Business Profile.

Maintain quality information

Since every business has its Google Business Profile, you need to make sure yours is the best! The completeness and accuracy of the information impact the raking. Hence, make sure to provide the required information from the dashboard.

Build trust

It sincerely appeals to the trust component of Google’s algorithm. Make sure to keep the information updated and update the accurate business changes. Also, make sure you are genuinely active by regularly posting photos to the business profile.

Remember creating a Google My Business account does not give access to your business profile. After creating a Google My Business account you need to locate the separate business profile on Mal and select “own this business” or “claim this business” Link the right profile and go on! After completing the process, your GMB account will be connected with the GBP profile under your management.

The bottom line

Since SEO is very crucial for your business you should not take it easy! For any small business local targeting is the game changer. Google makes local SEO even easier with a robust business profile. Hence, a Google Business profile is essential to maximize visibility in the local market.

With a clear understanding of Google My Business how it works and how to use it – you can use the free tool for best local marketing results.